The Global VLBI Alliance is open to every VLBI network, at this moment the members are:

Networks in the Global VLBI Alliance

The Global Millimeter VLBI Array (GMVA) is an observer in the GVA.

    Note: The joint operation of the EVN and VLBA has historically been known also as “global VLBI”.



    The structure of the Global VLBI Alliance is:

    • GVA Director´s Forum (GVAD): VLBI network directors or representatives (up to 2 per network) to discuss any aspect of the global cooperation.
    • Science Forum (GVAS): evaluates and fosters the unique and complementary contribution of VLBI to astrophysical research. Members are active scientists, not necessarily linked to any of the VLBI networks in the GVA.
    • Technical R&D Forum (GVAT): discusses opportunities and coordinates the development of new instrumentation or procedures,
    • Operations and Logistics Team (GVAO): facilitates and coordinates observations scheduled with several VLBI networks, or with participation of third-party instruments (e.g. multi-wavelength/multi-messenger).
    • Communication and outreach Team (GVAC): coordinates activities and tools to increase the scientific and societal impact of VLBI.

    The GVAS, GVAT, GVAO and GVAC, all report to the GVAD.